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October 14, 2005 by Tominated
Can anybody tell me how to make a Vid player for desktopX 3, because I really need to make one.
If possible, can you keep it basic, I am only 12.

October 11, 2005 by Tominated
I have been working on a cool DX theme, but I don't know how to do something.
I don't know how to make different buttons switch throu screens. Like the way the tabs on _Martins DW Desktop cycle through the screens. And I would like to know if it is possible to make a video player and a browswer based on firefox, not IE.
I'm only 12 so i don't know how to script.

July 5, 2005 by Tominated
Google has been naughty. They have kept every email that a gmail user has sent or recieved (the mail still got sent).
They have also been keeping the gmail users details. All of the emails and info have been kept on one helluva server. This is just to warn you.
May 10, 2005 by Tominated
Anybody know any good tutorials for making themes. i'm trying to modify the BiLoG mp3 player to get the button that closes the screen to be a start button, etc..
help would be appreciated
April 30, 2005 by Tominated
OMG! i think i'm gonna go crazy. I'm on an internet plan where it doesn't slow me down if i download over the limit. i have gone over double the limit, but it has dramatically slowed down a few websites.... e.g. wincustomize gallery, etc.
could someone tell me what the problem is?

P.S. i have a broadband connection
April 22, 2005 by Tominated
Hi all

Wondering if there is a way to hide all icons without a program but not by phisically deleting them?
Please reply

April 9, 2005 by Tominated
I found a really cool site that takes customizing ur pc to the limits
it is caled mini-itx. comment about it in this thread.